New in 2015! In an effort to improve and simplify user authentication on the French Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ websites, this year you’ll be able to access your own personal space using your Comptexpert.

Don't have a Comptexpert yet?
Create your account by logging on at

You will need to know your individual registration number with the Institute (12 digits) and the year you registered with the Institute. The form will also ask you to choose the username and password to be used for all the websites using the unique Experpass authentication system. We recommend you choose a username that is familiar to you (allocated subject to availability). You will also be asked for a personal email address which is compulsory and which will be used to send you your login details automatically if you lose them. We stress that this email address must be a personal one. It is important that you are the sole recipient of this information. Prerequisites: the 12 digits of your first individual registration number with the Institute, the year you registered with the Institute as well as a valid personal email address.

Not a member of the Institute?
You can access the registration form at and click on the “Other profile” tab.

Need help?
If you experience problems logging on or creating the account you can contact support at